Craft breweries and home brewing have come a long way. As a manufacturer of quality labels, LabEX has all your craft beer label requirements covered. All our beer labels are printed on the same presses large multinationals rely on to ensure their products stand out. Whether you need can or beer bottle labels, we have your requirements covered.


Your craft beer labels will be printed on a high-quality synthetic stock that can withstand liquid and frequent changes in temperature.

All craft beer labels by LabEX are produced in Sydney and delivered Australia-wide. Many of our competitors produce some labels in Australia, with the majority of their work sent overseas for production - costing Australian jobs. LabEX does not produce anylabels outside of Australia.

Beer bottle labels in particular need to withstand damage done when bottles rub against each other. LabEX adds another layer of protection to your labels by applying a laminate. As standard all laminates are gloss, however, you can select a matt option when placing your order.

Ordering beer bottle labels or can labels with LabEX is simple. Select the size, upload the design, approve your artwork straight away and LabEX will take care of the rest.

Your beer labels will be despatched between 7-10 business days.

Not sure if our beer labels suit your budding craft brewery? Order a sample pack to see all the stocks we offer, who knows, maybe our Synthetic Silver labels will be the best fit.  

Once you're happy with your artwork, click "Order now" and you'll be taken to a new page where these lines will appear to guide you in the setup for your labels. Video guide of the process is on YouTube:

Price Calculator

Total (Incl. GST and Shipping) : $138.00

Allow for 3mm bleed on each side.

For example, if your final finished

size is 50mm x 50mm, you will need

to set your artwork to be 56mm x



Allow for 2mm around the trim

area as the safe zone. For example,

if your final finished size is 50mm x

50mm, you will need to ensure that

all important information is set

within 48mm x 48mm.


Ensure all artwork is set up as CMYK

and NOT RBG.


DO NOT add crop marks to your

artwork. Our system will add this

for you. If you add your own crop

marks then this may get printed

on the artwork.