Roll Labels

Small, Easy to use rolls

All our Labels at LabEX come on rolls, making them the perfect, easy to use option for applying your labels. Whether you're using a machine, or doing it by hand, LabEX has you covered.

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Premium Quality Labels

With over forty years of label experience here at LabEX, we know about labels, and we know you're going to love ours. All our labels are printed on our HP Indigo press, the same that most of the big brands are printed on giving you the same premium finishes.

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With LabEX, shipping isn't an extra, its included and its fast. We hate hidden costs as much as you do, so this is all included in the price meaning you can get your labels quicker, easier, and cheaper. 

Rectangle Labels Options

Get the right angle with our rectangle labels! From handcrafted soaps to specialty food items, our rectangular labels are ideal for everything you need to make your product stand out. You can customise them with your branding, ingredients, and other important information. With a strong adhesive and a professional finish that resists smudging, our rectangular labels are a reliable choice for enhancing the appeal and providing essential details of your products. You can also choose from our diverse material options to showcase your product best.

Circle Labels

Premium Wine Labels

Rectangle Metallic Labels

With our metallic rectangle labels, you can achieve a luxurious look without the luxurious cost. Using a digital press, we create a stunning foiled effect by layering white ink on metallic stock, available in various colours at no additional charge.

Standard Wine Labels

Rectangle Paper Labels

Choose an affordable yet high-quality solution with our paper rectangle labels. These eco-friendly labels provide excellent print quality without breaking the bank and are suitable for dry products and standard packaging.

Standard Wine Labels

Rectangle Synthetic Labels

Our synthetic rectangle labels are the champion for conditions that test durability. Made from robust polypropylene, these labels withstand moisture, oil, and extreme temperatures, making them perfect for products exposed to harsh environments.

Features of Circle Labels

Metallic Silver

Easy Application

Our custom rectangle labels come on convenient rolls for both manual and machine applications, simplifying your packaging process. You won't struggle to put them in your jars or boxes. Our labels are conveniently designed to make it easy for you to put them!

Water Proof

Reliable Adhesion

Get ready to stick and impress with our rectangle labels! They're perfect for enhancing your packaging and providing the information your customers need. They're a simple way to plant your branding right where your customers can't miss it.

easy to use rolls

Full-Colour Printing

We're here to make your label come to life with our full-colour printing. Our vibrant, eye-popping colours ensure your labels are noticeable even from a distance. Whether it's a lush, deep blue that evokes the ocean or a fiery red that sizzles, our advanced printing technology captures every hue in stunning clarity. Make every product shelf-worthy, and watch as your labels catch the eye of your target consumers!


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At LabEX, we've walked in your shoes. We understand the importance of a waterproof label that provides durability AND represents your brand. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of diverse industries, trust us to guide you to the perfect waterproof sticker solution. LabEX is much more than a label provider; we're your partner in success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our sizes depend on the "short edge" of your product container. The "short edge" refers to the shortest side of the label. For example, if your label is 100mm x 50mm, then the Short Edge is 50mm. You can then choose your desired length from the drop-down menu.

You can choose from metallic, paper, or synthetic materials, each offering specific benefits such as eco-friendliness or durability.

Yes, customisation of design and colour is available, allowing you to match your brand's aesthetics perfectly.

Yes, our metallic and synthetic options work well if you need oil-resistant, waterproof, and water-resistant labels suitable for various environmental conditions.

We offer full-colour printing, which enables vibrant and eye-catching designs on your labels. If you need custom rectangle label printing, you can also contact us so we can discuss and work things out.

Yes, labels can be ordered in various quantities to suit your business needs, whether large or small. Minimum quantities start at 500 for metallic labels and 250 for paper and synthetic labels.

Yes, there are templates that you can use to help you design your labels easily, or you can upload your custom rectangle label designs.

The standard production time is usually between 7-10 working days, with express shipping options available.

Ensure the application surface is clean and dry for optimal adhesion. Some labels may also require specific temperatures during application.

Yes, samples are available so you can assess the quality and suitability of the labels before placing a full order.

LabEX is committed to delivering excellence, one label at a time. Trust us to make your first impression as unique as your products. Contact us today to design your custom rectangle labels and turn your vision into reality.

2 Rolls of purple Craft Beer Labels which have a hot pin beer bottle on them and a tagline reading deadly brews

Craft Beer Labels

Starting from $138.00 incl. delivery.

2 rolls of stacked rectangle synthetic silver labels. Labels are blue metallic with white detailing.

Rectangle Metallic Labels

Starting from $124.00 incl. delivery

2 Rolls of rectangular paper Labels stacked together. The labels are honey labels with a detailed floral drawing on them

Rectangle Paper Labels

Starting from $46.00 incl. delivery.

2 rolls of rectangle synthetic-polypropylene labels stacked together. the labels are brown with text reading sweets kitchen

Rectangle Synthetic Labels

Starting from $57.00 incl. delivery.

2 Rolls of blue Standard Wine labels with blue text Le Bon Vino in white box

Standard Wine Labels

Starting from $75.00 incl. delivery.

Roll of Premium Wine labels with cream background, black linework leaves, and red text.

Premium Wine Labels

Starting from $195.00 incl. delivery.