Roll Labels

Small, Easy to use rolls

All our Labels at LabEX come on rolls, making them the perfect, easy to use option for applying your labels. Whether you're using a machine, or doing it by hand, LabEX has you covered.

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Premium Quality Labels

With over forty years of label experience here at LabEX, we know about labels, and we know you're going to love ours. All our labels are printed on our HP Indigo press, the same that most of the big brands are printed on giving you the same premium finishes.

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Fast and Free shipping

With LabEX, shipping isn't an extra, its included and its fast. We hate hidden costs as much as you do, so this is all included in the price meaning you can get your labels quicker, easier, and cheaper. 


Wine Label Printing Options

We have two wine label options curated to suit all budgets. Both our standard wine labels and our premium wine labels are printed on the same high end label press. The only difference between the wine labels is the stock.

Standard Wine Labels

Your standard wine bottle labels will be printed on a high-quality smooth paper stock. In order to protect your coated wine labels, LabEX will include a layer of premium gloss laminate. A matt laminate option is also available and can be selected from a drop-down menu.

Premium Wine Labels

Premium wine bottle labels are printed on a high quality uncoated stock. Even though this is a uncoated paper, it will withstand condensation and won’t break down when placed in an ice bucket. Many premium Australian wine brands choose to print using our premium wine labels printing service.


Free Shipping

All our prices for labels include delivery to anywhere in Australia. Delivery for your wine labels, after a 7-10 working days production window will be approximately 3-4 days. We have express shipping options available if you need it quicker.

Not sure if our wine labels suit your up and coming winery? Order a sample pack to see all the stocks we offer, who knows, maybe our Synthetic Silver labels will be the best fit.  

2 Rolls of blue Standard Wine labels with blue text Le Bon Vino in white box

Standard Wine Labels

Starting from $75.00 incl. delivery.

Roll of Premium Wine labels with cream background, black linework leaves, and red text.

Premium Wine Labels

Starting from $195.00 incl. delivery.