Metallic Labels are a great way to get a stand out foiled finish without the traditonally high costs of foiling.  To begin your order, select the shape of your sticker/ label. From there, you can select from countless sizes, get pricing, upload artwork, approve it, and place your order!


Roll Labels

Small, Easy to use rolls

All our Labels at LabEX come on rolls, making them the perfect, easy to use option for applying your labels. Whether you're using a machine, or doing it by hand, LabEX has you covered.

Premium Quality Labels Logo

Premium Quality Labels

With over forty years of label experience here at LabEX, we know about labels, and we know you're going to love ours. All our labels are printed on our HP Indigo press, the same that most of the big brands are printed on giving you the same premium finishes.

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Fast and Free shipping

With LabEX, shipping isn't an extra, its included and its fast. We hate hidden costs as much as you do, so this is all included in the price meaning you can get your labels quicker, easier, and cheaper. 

Synthetic Silver Labels Circle Perfume Bottle


Synthetic Silver to help you stand out

Synthetic silver labels are great to help your stickers stand out. The silver face stock will let you create a foil look for your labels without having to pay set up costs. Start by selecting the shape of your labels above, from there choose from a wide range of sizes, get price, approve your artwork in our editor and place your order.

Products where Synthetic Silver  are Most Used?

If you are looking for labels with foiling without having to pay for set up costs then this is the stock option for you. Products where foiled labels are most used include:

  • Wine labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Spirit labels
  • Food labels
  • Prestige labels




Sticker Printing and Label Printing – is there a difference?

Label printing and sticker printing are largely one in the same. Both are printed on a similar stock. Though, many label printers refer to stickers as being cut into sheets and labels as a product provided on a roll. More often than not, stickers are printed on large format presses which does not have the same quality as a high end label quality.

At LabEX we print on the latest label press to ensure the end product is of the highest quality. Whether its labels or sticker printing that you are after.


1 roll of circle synthetic silver labels. Labels are white with blue metallic details

Circle Metallic Labels

Starting from $119.00 incl. delivery

2 rolls of stacked rectangle synthetic silver labels. Labels are blue metallic with white detailing.

Rectangle Metallic Labels

Starting from $124.00 incl. delivery

2 Rolls of square synthetic silver labels, labels are purple with metallic gold text.

Square Metallic Labels

Starting from $119.00 incl. delivery