Have your new labels arrived and you're just not quite sure how to apply them correctly? Understandable, it can be quite the task, that's why we have a few quick tips to make things a little easier on you.

1. Clean the surface for your new labels

The most crucial step to label application and making sure your labels actually stick to the products you need them to is to make sure the surface you're applying against is clean. If you're applying against something like paper or cardboard, which will likely have a slightly rough surface, you only need to lightly dust this and then apply. If your surface is smoother (for example a glass bottle or an aluminium can of craft beer), we recommend rinsing this, ensuring there's no oily residue on it, and then allowing it to dry completely before applying. 

2. Placing them on your surface

Once your surface is clean and dry, you're ready to apply! The general rule for this is to stay steady and apply even, consistent pressure as you apply. If you've ever applied contact paper on textbooks for school, you're ready for label application.

Instead of pulling the entire label off the roll, it's easiest if you only expose one edge first, line this up so it's straight, and then press this section down. Next, begin unpeeling the remainder of the label, applying smooth pressure as you go. Your driver's licence can be an easy tool to smooth the label down to prevent any bubbles of air from being caught between the label and the surface. 

3. Be Patient!

If you want to test the adhesion once applied, make sure you give the label time to settle in and adhere fully. Leave your labels on for a few days (we recommend at least 72 hours), before testing them in different conditions. Keep in mind that the pressure you've placed on your labels during the time of application will influence how well they'll stick over time. 

Edges in particular have the most influence on this. If you've applied your label but had to pull it up and start over several times, this will influence how well your label adheres and there may be curling at the edges where you've pulled. 

Can you print a sample for me? I want to make sure the label suits my product before placing my big order first!

Unfortunately no. In order to keep costs low, we have tried to eliminate as many additional steps as possible so you're really only paying for the bits you need. As such, we don't do test runs or sample prints. 

If you're wanting to see what a certain stock looks and feels like, or you want to test how well it sticks to your products, we'd recommend checking out our label sample kit. The sample pack contains all of our stocks with each of our finishes on it. It will help give you an idea of how the labels look and feel and can allow you to have a sample to use to test on your product. This is the best option if you want to see something tactile before your real order.