Stock and Finishes

Here at LabEX, we have four primary stocks which we use for our label printing. We have Paper Labels,Synthetic Labels (also known as Vinyl Labels, or Polypropylene Labels), Synthetic Silver Labels, and our Premium Wine Labels Stock.


These label stocks all have different features and benefits which make them more suited to different environments though most are interchangeable if you like the look and feel of one over another.


Paper Labels

Paper Labels are our most ordered label stock and a fantastic value for money. They're printed on FSC Certified Eco-Friendly face stock making them the most eco-friendly label option on the market. FSC Certification means there is a strict chain of custody which ensures all paper used comes entirely from sustainable forests. 

They're a fantastic option for Food Product Labels, Food Packaging Labels, Jam Labels, Coffee Labels, and Business Labels. Our Standard Wine Labels are printed on a smooth paper stock making them eco-friendly and affordable! So whether you have a budding Etsy business and you're looking to seal your packages with a little flair, or you're an established restaurant looking to personalise your delivery bags, paper labels are a great start for your business, and you!

Synthetic Labels 

Synthetic Labels, also known as Vinyl Labels, or Polypropylene Labels, are a perfect option for a label with a more long-lasting need. Synthetic Labels are very durable, working well for liquid-based products as their synthetic base makes them waterproof. Synthetic Labels suit most industries though they are particularly popular for products which come in contact with water or have condensation. 

Synthetic labels are what we use for our Craft Beer Labels because their waterproof nature makes them exceedingly durable, regardless of if they're sitting in an ice cold freezer, or covered in condensation on a warm day. They work fantastically for Craft Beer Labels, and for Cosmetic Labels, Freezer Labels, Honey Labels, Sanitiser Labels, and more!

If you're not sure what you need for your labels, or if you only know that you need something durable, Synthetic Labels might be the best option for you. 

Synthetic Silver Labels

Synthetic Silver Labels, one of the most variable label options available with LabEX. With a synthetic Label base, it has all the benefits we listed above of Synthetic Labels ( waterproof, durable, fantastic for liquid or oil products), with a Silver face that helps your labels look metallic. 

The silver face stock is metallic naturally, so by printing colours on top, this metallic is visible through the colours producing a foil effect without the traditionally high costs of foiling. The only colours that will not be metallic on this stock are 100% black, and 100% white. This is also why we use a white layer on this artwork if we want only some elements to be metallic. 

If you have a label where you'd like a flat (not metallic) background, with only the text to be metallic, you'd supply the artwork with these elements separated into layers, with an additional layer that specifically identifies everything you want to be metallic. With this clearly identified, we can then place white underneath your entire label, and then subtract these metallic elements you've identified making them pop! If you do this, make sure you select the "Add White Ink" option when ordering your labels. 

You can of course skip this white layer and have your entire label be metallic, but sometimes just a hint will pop more than a flood of metallic. 

Metallic Labels or labels with a foil effect are used in many industries and for many products, for example, wine labels, cosmetic labels, spirit labels, food labels, prestige labels, and more. They're wonderful to add a pop of detailing and look fantastic to give your company name a little pizzazz or make your background pop!

Premium Wine Labels

Premium Wine Labels, our final option and the most premium of the bunch. These labels are printed on a high quality, uncoated paper stock which has a special coating allowing it to withstand condensation and maintain its structure, even if it's sitting in an ice bucket. It has a rough textured finish which allows your label that premium, paperlike feel, while still keeping it as protected as a wine bottle needs to be.

Our Premium Wine Labels come with a matt varnish on top, this seals in your artwork by effortlessly smoothing into each crease and crevice of the paper. The finish is virtually invisible, keeping the ink sealed and preserved while keeping the texture of the stock just as premium. 

Finishes, Matt Laminate, or Gloss Laminate

We have two key finishes we use at LabEX, selected as they're the most protective for sealing in the designs of your labels. We use Gloss Laminate as our standard finish, this creates a shiny finish which enhances the colour and vibrancy of the ink on a page. Alternatively, we also have a Matt Laminate available as a $10 upgrade if you'd like a finish which is a little more subtle. Matt Laminate in comparison to gloss has a velvety texture, softening contrasts with a subtly tactile look. 

Both are wonderful and for many businesses, Gloss Laminate or Matt Laminate will suit as they're both just as durable as another, really it's up to you which finish you like best.

These two finishes are the options for all products besides our Premium Wine Labels which have a Matt Varnish instead as for this stock it is the best seal that still retains the tactile feel of the paper. 

If you've read all this and you're still at a loss on what might work best, check out our Label Sample Kit. This contains every stock with every finish available with a variety of designs so you can see how these look and feel in person. It's the ultimate guide to show you the suitability of each stock and finish for any application you need.