Roll direction identifies what element of a label roll come off the roll first. Left Edge Leading is the most common roll direction we use. This means that the left edge of a label will be what comes off the roll first. We can also set up your artwork up at Top Edge Leading, Bottom Edge Leading, and Right Edge Leading.

Below is an image which helps illustrate this concept. Use the text in the centre to help orient yourself and understand which way you need your text to face so it will be easiest to apply your labels to your products.

To help you understand what Roll Direction you need your artwork to be at we have this guide to explain. Image here is of 4 Rolls of labels with the labels facing at different orientations, first Top Edge leading, then Bottom Edge Leading, the Right Edge Printing, then Left Edge Printing

If you're applying your labels by hand, this typically does not matter as you can apply them any way, however if you're using a machine to apply then this will be important as many applicators only work with specific orientations. Most machine applicators will have a guideline explaining how to apply your labels, and in this it will outline what the preferred roll directions are. 

All of our labels will be supplied on rolls outside wound (meaning that the labels are on the outside of the roll). If you need your labels supplied inside wound, you must contact us prior for confirmation or your labels will be supplied outside wound.