Synthetic Silver Labels

Synthetic Silver Labels (also known as Metallic labels) are a fantastic option for you to get stand out labels with a foil like finish but without the traditionally high costs of foiling. We print on a Metallic Silver stock, this allows the artwork above to be metallic. Becuase of this silver stock, we suggest adding an aditional white ink layer under artwork, this will allow you to choose what elements will be metallic and which you'd like to be flat. 

Please note, unless you select the additional white ink layer, any element of your artwork aside from that which is Black or White will be metallic. Additionally, if you do not select the additional white ink layer, any white background or similar will appear metallic silver.

Setting your Synthetic Silver Labels up for printing with white ink

To do this, when you're ordering your Synthetic Silver Labels, make sure you select the option "Add white ink" in the price calculator as this is what allows us to choose some elements to be metallic, and some not.

Next, when setting up your artwork, please ensure that it is not flattened (that the layers are still separated, allowing them to be editable), and that it's clear what you would like to be metallic. If your artwork is entirely flattened the entire artwork will be metallic as to apply it to only some elements we need to separately select them. 

If you are using a design program like Illustrator which allows you to define your layers clearly, please create a separate layer which specifies what you would like to be metallic.

For this example, let's presume you have a blue background which you'd like to be flat/ not metallic, and a logo and golden text that you would like to be metallic. Select the logo and text which you'd like to be metallic, duplicate this, and name this layer metallic. This allows us to set up your artwork with only these elements metallic and will make sure we know to leave your blue background flat.

If you are using something like Canva to save your designs, please ensure you have saved your artwork as a print PDF which will allow the layers to remain separated (this allows us to select only the elements we need metallic as so) and then clearly write in your order notes what elements you would like to be metallic. 

If you have any confusion with the set up of your metallic labels, write in your order notes what elements specifically are meant to be metallic as this way we can confirm if there are any issues.