Born from a necessity to furnish small and medium-sized businesses with top-tier labels, LabEX has evolved into a paragon of versatility and quality in the label printing industry. With a rich history spanning over 40 years and a commitment to delivering excellence through an easy online label ordering system, LabEX ensures that every product, regardless of the industry, speaks volumes through its label.

In this blog, we’re shining a spotlight on LabEX labels, specifically:

  • The variety of labels available: from Cosmetic to Craft Beer labels
  • The unique requirements of each industry and how LabEX meets them
  • Our best Wine Labels and Craft Beer Labels for the festive season

A Palette of Options: LabEX’s Diverse Label Offerings

In product manufacturing, each industry has its own unique labelling requirements, making it a challenge for customers to find the right one for their product. For this reason alone, LabEX opted to curate a broad array of label options to ensure each shiny new product would always find its perfect match.

Just how versatile is this range of labels offered by LabEX?

Craft Beer Labels 

Craft Beer Labels 

Brew, anyone?! The world of craft beers and home brewing has exploded in recent years and LabEX have all the right types of labels that identify your product and tell the story behind your brew. Printed on high-quality synthetic stock to endure the challenges of liquid and temperature fluctuations, these labels are crafted to be as robust as they are captivating. Whether it’s labels for beer bottles or cans, LabEX labels are printed with the same precision and quality that large multinationals have come to rely on. With an additional protective laminate layer, easy online ordering, and a dispatch timeline of 7-10 business days, your craft beer is branded and looking the business quick-smart with LabEX. 

Synthetic/Polypropylene Labels

Synthetic/Polypropylene Labels

Synthetic/polypropylene labels from LabEX have become a favoured choice for a plethora of products, especially those that grapple with liquid and varying temperatures like water bottles, freezer items, and honey jars, to name a few. These waterproof stickers, celebrated for their durability, are also a popular pick for cosmetic and sanitiser labels designed to withstand scuffing and potential damage while maintaining their aesthetic charm and vibrancy.

Paper-Based Labels 

Paper-Based Labels 

For those seeking an eco-friendly labelling solution without compromising on quality, LabEX’s paper-based labels emerge as an exemplary choice. Especially suited for products that aren’t exposed to liquids or refrigeration, these FSC certified labels offer a sustainable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative, so your product gets noticed for all the right reasons - including its eco-conscious branding.

Metallic Labels

Looking for a bit of ‘dazzle’ about your label? LabEX’s metallic labels bring the luxurious allure of traditional foiled labels without the hefty setup costs, thanks to the innovative use of a digital press, metallic stock, and white ink. The resulting foiling effect, which allows for multiple foil colors without additional costs, ensures your product stands out on the shelves and does so with premium appeal and a touch of elegance.

As you can see, LabEX has a label for all occasions. From the subtle elegance of cosmetic labels to the vibrant and robust craft beer labels, a suite of diverse offerings ensures that every product finds its label match – all while adhering to a brand’s identity and values and the unique requirements of its industry. Throw in a commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, and LabEX will help you to weave incredible stories through your labels to wow your existing and potential consumer base.

Meeting Unique Industry Requirements with Precision

As product specialists know, keeping up with the many and varying regulations within their specialist industry can be complex. Each presents its own set of unique challenges and stringent requirements in labelling, too – imagine having to appreciate all of them from one industry to the next! Here’s where LabEX shines: a pillar of reliability and innovation with extensive knowledge about quality and compliance across all sectors.

Trust LabEX labels for

  • Adherence to Regulations: LabEX meticulously ensures every label adheres to industry-specific regulations, providing clear, accurate information and warnings, safeguarding consumer trust and ensuring legal compliance seamlessly.
  • Durability and Resistance: Engineered to withstand environmental factors like UV rays and moisture, and to preserve aesthetic and informational integrity during transportation, LabEX’s labels provide resilient, consistent brand representation from warehouse to consumer.
  • Aesthetic and Branding: LabEX considers each label to be a vibrant storyteller, ensuring it resonates with the audience while authentically reflecting the brand’s identity and values, making the first consumer interaction impactful and memorable.

High Quality Wine

Wine Labels and Craft Beer Labels for the Festive Season

Come October, nobody in drinks production can ignore the C-word any longer! As Christmas fast approaches, the spotlight shines particularly brightly on celebratory seasonal beverages. LabEX premium labelling solutions will help your wine and craft beers to look as good as they taste, transforming them into the stars of every celebration – and here’s how.

Wine Labels that Speak to the Season

In a season where every bottle of wine is a potential centrepiece, LabEX labels dress your wines in their festive best. Whether it’s a smooth paper stock for a sleek look or a textured finish for a premium feel, LabEX’s wine label printing creates a look and feel for your drink bottles as exquisite as the contents they adorn.  Combining aesthetic appeal with durability, each bottle becomes a statement of the brand’s quality and a true celebration of the season.

Craft Beer Labels that Pop

With its myriad flavours and artisanal quality, craft beer becomes more popular than ever during the festive season. LabEX’s craft beer labels, printed on high-quality synthetic stock to withstand varying temperatures and moisture, are durable and attractive. With labels that can endure the chill of a cooler and the warmth of a sunny day, your craft beer is guaranteed to catch eyes and palates alike, making every sip a celebration in itself.

With the festivities drawing near, you will want to know your labels will be with you ahead of those additional sales. No need to panic when ordering your wine and craft beer labels with LabEX; it's as seamless and joyful as the season! With a simple selection, upload, and approval process, and a dispatch timeline of 7-10 business days, your beverages will be shelf-ready in no time, allowing you to focus on brewing and crafting the perfect festive flavours.

Fast production and shipping is due in part to our efficient online ordering system; the real beauty of LabEX labels lies in their local production. With every label produced right here in Australia, your wine and craft beers are a true celebration of celebrating Aussie craftsmanship, bringing people together for a genuine ‘cheers’ to local production and quality. What better in a season that celebrates togetherness and community?

Final Words… 

Hopefully, our article makes it evident that LabEX is much more than a label printing entity – it’s a brand that intertwines quality, innovation, and a deep-seated respect for the varied industries it serves. From vivid and vibrant labels for craft beers and wines to durable, aesthetically pleasing food packaging labels, LabEX has demonstrated a profound understanding of the unique nuances and stringent requirements of each industry it caters to.

The journey through LabEX’s diverse label offerings, whether it be the durable synthetic labels, the eco-friendly paper-based options, or the luxurious metallic labels, reveal a brand that is steadfast in its commitment to providing Australian businesses of all sizes with labels that are not only identifiers but story-telling brand ambassadors. LabEX, with its easy online ordering system, Australian-made promise, and dispatch timeline that respects the pace of businesses, ensures that your products are seen and celebrated.

Innovative, experienced, and committed to quality, every LabEX product label is a durable, compliant, and aesthetically resonant brand champion.

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