To order your labels, select your short Edge first. Short Edge is the shortest side of the labels. Once you have selected this, you will be able to select the finished size. You will then be able to select the quantity and finish. We apply either a gloss or matte laminate to all our labels as a layer of protection.

"Version" refers to the number of different artwork you have for this order. If you select 250 labels and two versions, then LabEX will produce 125 of each version. As a standard, we will assume your labels will be hand-applied.

You are now ready to upload your artwork. Click on "Design" and view artwork preview now. You will be taken to an editor. Upload your file. If you have a portrait label, simply click on the portrait button on the top right-hand corner to change orientation. For now, we will use the landscape mode.

Drag and drop your uploaded file into the editor. If your file is the exact size as the label you have created, then it will fit perfectly into the viewer. If it is a different size, like you see on the screen, you will have to drag the edges out. It is important you drag your artwork all the way to the edge. The green line is the safe zone; ensure no important text, borders, or imagery goes past this point.

The red line is where we cut, and we require three millimeters of bleed, and this is why you must drag all the way to the edge. If you don't do this, there is a chance your label may have white around it. Once you are happy, click continue. Confirm your order details are correct. Click on "Save" and add to cart. From this point, you can follow the usual online ordering steps to place your order, including payment.